Acting with integrity

For Grupo Nutresa, acting with integrity is synonymous with building trust among its stakeholders. Therefore, the Organization bases its processes on ethics and good conduct, on risk identification and addressing procedures, and on the assurance of the compliance with the regulations and standards that govern its operation.

Establishing a conduct framework governed by transparency, integrity and ethics for Grupo Nutresa. This conduct framework will be established by developing policies of management, information disclosure and control, which will be aligned with the highest international standards of corporate governance, thus having a positive impact on the organizational reputation for the benefit of the shareholders and all other stakeholders.
Supporting the decision-making process and guiding the implementation of prevention, risk mitigation and crisis management actions which, along with the compliance activities, are focused on protecting the resources, the corporate reputation, the continuity of the operations, the legal and regulatory compliance, the safety of all employees, and the generation of trust and two-way communication with the stakeholders.