Our strategy for 2030

For Grupo Nutresa, celebrating its 100th anniversary is an exceptional achievement that has been accomplished with the valuable participation of its employees, its network of allies and its stakeholders. Thanks to its collaborative work alliances, the Organization fulfilled many of its strategic goals. Another value added of this journey was the knowledge gained through the learning process, as it paves the way for one more century.

In the light of the expectations about the new decade, Grupo Nutresa created its map of value for 2030 within the framework of the three sustainable development dimensions. The strategy enhances the cooperation with people, our allies and society; encourages the inspiration for development, growth and innovation; and promotes the preservation of our planet.

To fulfill the proposed goals, the Organization will keep strengthening the stakeholder support networks, being aware of the importance of generating shared value, building trust-based relations and reaching common agreements that enable us to maintain our higher purpose of ensuring that sustainable development benefits everyone.

Dimensions of our strategy

Commitment for 2030 in terms of the mitigation of climate change

Grupo Nutresa recognizes the reality of climate change, which is why we are committed to leading diverse actions across our entire value chain. The purpose of these actions is to allow reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, increasing the productivity of natural resources, implementing climate change adaptation measures and enabling the regeneration of the ecosystems with the aim of preserving biodiversity and inspiring change towards a better world.

Map of value