Fostering profitable growth and effective innovation

Supporting the decision-making process and guiding the implementation of prevention, risk mitigation and crisis management actions which, along with the compliance activities, are focused on protecting the resources, the corporate reputation, the continuity of the operations, the legal and regulatory compliance, the safety of all employees, and the generation of trust and two-way communication with the stakeholders.

Profitably developing the strategic markets with brands, distribution networks and human talent, delivering value propositions with memorable and differentiated experiences to consumers, shoppers and customers to meet their needs and motivations.

For Grupo Nutresa, innovation is a strategic driver that becomes the engine of growth and competitiveness for the achievement of results in the strategic region and the markets in which the Organization operates. Innovation is based on the deep knowledge of customers and consumers, as well as on the construction of a long-term vision resulting from forward planning exercises and, combined with a culture that enables this type of processes, it materializes in products, services, processes and new business models that add value.