Promoting a healthy lifestyle

The well-being of the consumers is a priority for Grupo Nutresa, which is why the Organization works on producing nutritious and safe food, promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring an adequate communication that builds trust and allows making conscious and informed decisions.

Ensuring the satisfaction, well-being and nutrition of consumers with safe and high-quality products under strict compliance with the legal framework, and with an excellent service based on quality management and food safety systems.

Offering products and menus that provide the consumers with alternatives that meet their nutrition and well-being expectations, and actively promoting healthy lifestyles by means of awareness-raising and education campaigns and programs.


Grupo Nutresa’s imperative commitment consists in encouraging responsible consumption through clear labeling and unabridged advertising that enable consumers to make informed decisions.

Designing and undertaking initiatives focused on eradicating hunger and creating possibilities related to nutrition and the development of capabilities in the communities from the strategic region. Also, implementing actions focused on the reduction of food loss and waste in Grupo Nutresa’s value chain.