By the end of 2020, the Organization acknowledges the major efforts made in the industrial operations with the objective of reducing the consumption of natural resources, as well as the emissions into the atmosphere. These achievements have strengthened the culture of care and conservation of the planet, driving the administrative and financial bodies to run investment projects and to be more eco-efficient.

Reducing the direct and indirect impact on the water resources across the entire value chain and mitigating the risks associated with shortage situations or deterioration of the quality of the resources as a priority for the Company’s operations and for the communities from its areas of influence.

Minimizing the impact on air quality and contributing to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change by implementing actions focused on reducing the emissions, permanently searching for the highest energy efficiency, implementing clean technologies, efficiently using the commodities in Grupo Nutresa’s operations, and adapting the products intended for consumers with a higher level of awareness.

Optimizing the energy intensity in the industrial, commercial, logistical and administrative operations by promoting a culture focused on the efficient use and the migration to cleaner energy sources.

Reducing the production of waste and increasing its recovery and reutilization with the purpose of lowering the operating costs and mitigating the environmental impact from both the direct operations and the value chain by extending the life cycle of the materials.