21st Century Leaders: learning to dream

Educating comprehensively and to achieve dreams is the objective of the 21st Century Leaders program supported by Grupo Nutresa. Juan Manuel Román, student, and Antonio Rodríguez, teacher, enjoy and make the most of this comprehensive education process.

“I like football, studying, sharing quality time with my family, video games and working on the computer. I am tidy, friendly, kind and, when I’m older, I want to be an architect. I see myself attending one of the top universities, constructing buildings, creating plans and designing malls, housing developments and houses,” says Juan Manuel Román, 7th grade student from the Corvide educational institution in Medellín.
His parents and teachers have been his sources of support and inspiration. “Family is the core foundation of what a kid grows to be. Love, dedication, understanding and patience are essential parenting values while kids are growing up,” states Elizabeth Hernández, Juan Manuel’s mother. And, confirming that the education provided at home and the one given at school complement each other, Antonio Rodríguez, teacher at Corvide, adds: “As an educational institution, we work on ensuring that our students achieve comprehensive growth, consolidate their life project, fulfill their goals and be the human beings society needs, based on strong values, integrity and ethics. In other words, good people who are committed to the environment, their social setting and their families.”
In 2020, both the teaching and learning conditions underwent a transformation; Juan and Antonio gave their best to make the most of these new dynamics. “I enjoy using digital media because I have always liked technology, drawing on Paint, making presentations, working on Word and all that,” says Juan. For his part, Antonio comments: “We gave our souls, minds and bodies because working via digital media meant less free time; it was morning, afternoon, night and weekends answering questions from both students and their parents. From this process I would like to highlight that our young students embraced a culture of autonomy and responsibility.”


The training process in which Juan and Antonio participate is supported by Grupo Nutresa. Through the 21st Century Leaders program, which was created in 2004, Fundación Nutresa has supported 1.200 Colombian public institutions, strengthening the capabilities and talent of their teachers, providing help in the management processes related to the pedagogical plans and the administrative tasks, and improving the layout of their facilities. “This support has enabled us to project our mission into the future and has driven us to work on the students’ personal growth and on their capabilities as citizens. It has also allowed us to have an institutional horizon, organizing all the internal processes and having cleaner and tidier classrooms and outdoor spaces suitable for our students’ learning process,” explains Antonio.
Students and teachers share the positive results of these processes, as well as the joy and encouragement of newly acquired knowledge. “Every day I wake up thrilled about my job as a teacher. It is a passion because I love it; it takes over me; I find it inspiring to be around other teachers and our students, interacting with them, being creative and going beyond. This is the role I play, my favorite think to do: teaching and building a stronger country.”

“Fundación Nutresa supports us. During the first year, we were able to consolidate tools and processes that have become fundamental pillars. This has brought benefits for the teachers and has had a significantly positive impact on the students.”

Antonio Rodríguez, teacher at the Corvide educational institution.

“I have been working as a teacher in Medellín for fourteen years. I believe this is a city that makes major contributions to education, and one of its advantages is that it has established many alliances, such as the one set up by Fundación Nutresa and several public education institutions.”

Antonio Rodríguez, teacher at the Corvide educational institution.