Digital leaders and entrepreneurs

Luisa Esther Rodríguez and Clara Inés Hernández are two Novaventa Entrepreneurs who found in the digital transformation new opportunities for engaging their customers and strengthening their projects as leaders in their communities.

I often ask Novaventa Entrepreneurs: Where do you want to be tomorrow? Make plans, make projections and dream,” says Luisa Esther Rodríguez, Novaventa leader entrepreneur. Her words are little treasures of knowledge that she shares with the members of her work team with the purpose of increasing their well-being.

She knows about changes and solutions: in 2013, she left Venezuela, her neonatal nursing profession and her business of medical supplies for babies. She arrived in Colombia, got settled in Bogotá and started receiving training. Luisa learned about digital marketing as if she anticipated that 2020 will be a year in which she would need all those new skills.

Luisa sells Novaventa products through Facebook groups and pages, and through WhatsApp stories and groups. She posts photos of new products, offers, promotions and experiences. “If you know how to use a smartphone, you can handle the world,” says Luisa.
Her work rewards her: a home with three daughters who she tends to with more dedication now, a stable life in a new country and the capacity to inspire other women to broaden their dreams.

For her part, Clara Inés Hernández, Novaventa leader entrepreneur, 71 years old, also talks about her process. With many friends and loads of energy that she focuses on thinking up new ways for taking care of that weave of relations, Clara Inés says: “What’s there to do at home? Well, you call your friend or neighbor to ask them how they are, how did they sleep; that is a way to be with people.”


The tent where Clara Inés used to sell her products in the municipality of Soacha, in the Colombian state of Cundinamarca, and where she met up with people to talk and where she offered fruit juices and advise, was replaced with WhatsApp messages, digital catalogs and phone calls. Clara Inés recognizes that initially she found these connection tools difficult and they made her nervous, but she has relied on her willingness to learn in order to remain active and connected to people.

She has also started to experiment with other ways for showing affection. “I know it’s something odd to say but I have actually liked the pandemic because my children have been paying more attention to me, I love that. Before, everyone was working and doing their own things but now the family has bonded much more,” she tells.

Novaventa’s Entrepreneurs is one of Grupo Nutresa’s programs that enables women to enhance their leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities by selling products via catalogs. In 2020, many of them found in the digital transformation new market opportunities. Today, 242.656 entrepreneurs have their own online stores, where they serve almost 44.000 customers.