Love-strengthening yoga

For the Bustamante Holguín family, hope, the care for life and spirituality are nurtured as a couple. Being together represents wellness.

Beatriz Elena Holguín, Servicios Nutresa employee, clearly understands the ultimate learning gained in 2020: “We can live with less baggage; sometimes we hoard material things and eventually we realize that we don’t need that many things to be happy. The most important silver lining of this pandemic is that it taught me to strengthen the love towards the people I have always kept close to my heart.”

Every day she “goes” to work at the office she designed at her home. In the room next door, as if they were looking at each other through the wall, Juan Carlos Bustamante, her husband “Juancho” sits at his own working station. “The first days of the preventive lockdown were pretty tough, especially while we became adapted to the new way of working, but over time things started falling into place and eventually stabilized. Right now we have already achieved tranquility,” he says.
Part of their balance as a couple has to do with the fact that, during the preventive lockdown, they have embraced new disciplines, taken care of each other and sought moments to feel both physical and emotional wellness as a couple. In the hallway of their apartment, between the spaces of their home working stations and after ending their work days, “Biata and Juancho” lay their yoga mats and start what looks like a dance. Facing the screen, they coordinate their movements, pauses, balance and breathing. In silence, they delve into the love they have cultivated for twenty-five years.

Their yoga class is one of the activities available on the wellness platforms that Grupo Nutresa have put at the disposal of its employees and their families in 2020 with the purpose of enabling a balance in their work, family and personal life. These online activities include exercising, pastimes, healthy eating habits, home chores, options for enjoying free time and strengthen the bonds among work colleagues. They are part of Grupo Nutresa’s initiative that focuses on promoting good physical, mental and emotional health.

“These have been times for reflecting and knowing that we can be calm if we decide so. Exercise, particularly yoga, has allowed us to work on our mental and spiritual aspects, and this is really necessary during the times we’re living.”

Beatriz Elena Holguín, Servicios Nutresa employee.

“When Grupo Nutresa launched this wellness platform, we had the chance to rescue our yoga classes and the routines of functional exercises. This is how we replaced our visits to the gym that, due to our different working schedules, we used to do them separately. Fortunately, today we have the time and these tools to keep taking care of our health and lives.”

Juan Carlos Bustamante, Beatriz Elena Holguín’s husband, Servicios Nutresa employee.