Volunteering means sharing wellness

The work of Pozuelo’s volunteers in Costa Rica is a gesture of generosity and service that helps to mitigate the country’s social needs.

“Here, I have learned about caring for others. The collaborative culture we have here has changed my life forever,” says Rebeca Tenorio, Pozuelo employee, Costa Rica. She and her work colleagues enjoy sharing: they are generous with their time, salary, knowledge and skills. They feel that their jobs are a privilege and show their gratitude by volunteering.
In 2020, with the purpose of supporting vulnerable families and mitigating the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they supported the mission of their country’s food bank. The volunteers put together food kits with biscuits, juice products and essential goods. “The most striking aspect about it is that I knew I wasn’t going to meet any of the people who were going to receive the food kits, but I still was sure that they were going to make the most of them, which is why I said to myself: ‘I have to do my best to put together as many food kits as I can because the more I put together, the larger the number of people who will get one,’” reckons Guillermo Enrique Sáenz, employee.


The volunteers put together and donated 25.000 food kits. These aids and the ones donated by other Costa Rican companies enabled the food bank to support seventy NGOs throughout the country. This represents 21.000 more people than the total they serve each year in average. “It’s a small act of love for changing the world. We do a small job and then we gather efforts that multiply and become blessings. That is what this volunteering work represents,” says Guillermo. Rebeca also expresses her satisfaction: “It’s only one hour assembling cardboard boxes or helping in other activities, but you feel really nice inside. It’s something beautiful.


Inspired by activities such as this one, Rebeca and Guillermo have incorporated a service-driven attitude into their life. She gives emotional support to all her work colleagues; he is committed to his small acts of love: in the morning, he washes the utensils so that other employees can use them right away and, on the weekends, he picks up the garbage he finds while taking walks with his dogs. “I like to help with anything I can because that’s what it’s all about, cooperating with others,” states Guillermo.

For the five past years, Pozuelo has worked in partnership with the Costa Rican Food Bank on its mission of fighting hunger throughout the country. In addition to donating products, the Company’s employees do volunteer work such as organizing food products and improving, with their talent, multiple processes of the food bank, such as legal, safety and administrative aspects.
During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Grupo Nutresa donated 1.024 tons of food in the region. These aids reached the hands of people at risk such as children, senior citizens and front-line healthcare personnel working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic brought us awareness, empathy, the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and to help with a deep sense of love straight from your heart.

María José Valverde, Pozuelo employee, Costa Rica.

“The most important lesson we learned in 2020 is that we can adapt and that, by working together, united, supporting each other, we can overcome anything and even improve in the process.”

Ricardo Masis, Pozuelo employee, Costa Rica.

“If you do one thing and someone else does a different thing, and another person does one more thing, all those efforts combine and produce a major impact. That is what Pozuelo’s invitation is all about. So, my volunteer work is perhaps a small effort I do, but as a whole we produce a major positive impact on many people.”

Guillermo Enrique Sáenz, Pozuelo employee, Costa Rica.

“One of the most beautiful things resulting from the pandemic is seeing people’s solidarity. People who may have never thought about giving support, not even to their neighbors, have found stories that inspired them to help. It is during times of crisis when the spirit of solidarity emerges from both people and companies, proving they had had it in them all along.”

Francia Linares, Executive Director of the Costa Rican Food Bank.